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A gleaming brass plaque with a personal engraving can truly send a message. Whether it's for the outside of a building or for a room in a home, it adds a certain gravitas to a message, commemoration or recognition. Wherever its final destination happens to be, a brass plaque starts life in a workshop, but its impact and message can last a lifetime.

The various types of brass plaque available

There are several types of engraved brass plaques on the market, ensuring people can buy one that befits the occasion. A memorial plaque, for instance, is available in a range of sizes, and it will usually be made from the highest grade of brass possible. The text will be blackened with a specially formulated enamel, and there will often be a selection of appropriate illustrations to choose from. Standard brass plaques can be available from engravers on a bespoke basis, so the customer gets to choose from a range of corner finishes, dimensions and fixing options.

As good as brass looks, it can tarnish and become discoloured over time; particularly if it is displayed outside. However, brass-effect laminate plaques could be long-lasting options for the outdoors. These attractive plaques look exactly like they're made from real brass, and they require the minimum of upkeep; a simple wipe down with a wet cloth should keep them looking as good as new. Because they are UV resistant, they won't fade in the sunshine over time.

It is also possible to buy a brass plaque that is mounted on an attractive, hard-wearing backing board. The board itself will be made of a hard, visually striking wood, such as mahogany. Plaques on backing boards are often used on the exterior of professional premises, such as surgeries and solicitor's offices.

Engraved brass plaques are perfect for many special occasions.

Displaying a beautiful brass plaque with a very personal and touching engraving can be a fitting tribute to someone who has recently passed away. Many memorial brass plaques are bought for display on public benches, and they can evoke memories of a person every time someone takes a seat. A brass plaque is also a great way of naming a house. Brass is an elegant, stylish metal that can give buildings a character of their own; whether they are residential homes or business premises. Smaller brass plaques are used for mounting on trophies, as they can capture a person or team's success for generations in a way that no other material can. provide an online service for the ordering of bespoke brass plaques. Consumers can browse a large selection of plates and backing boards, select their preferred design elements and write their own inscription. The brass plaque is then delivered to your door.

A brass plaque can be designed and engraved for almost any occasion. Whether it is to commemorate a person's life, celebrate achievement or to create the right professional image, only a professional engraving service can deliver brass plaques of the highest quality.

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